July 23, 2019

Cooperation Between St. Petersburg Technopark and the City of Fukuoka (Japan) to Support Entrepreneurship

On May 14, St. Petersburg Technopark hosted “Fukuoka Startup Day”, the purpose of which is to develop the business communities of Russia and Japan.

A year ago, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Technopark and the administration of Fukuoka, and a number of partnership agreements were established between Russian and Japanese projects.

To commemorate the year of fruitful dialog and mutual support, a clock showing the exact time in Japan was solemnly placed in the co-working space of Technopark. So, symbolically, Fukuoka has become a sister city for St. Petersburg in matters of supporting and developing startups.

Tetsuaki Miura, on behalf of Fukuoka, presented the opportunities that are opening up to startups.

In turn, Andrey Sokolov, Director General of Technopark, spoke about the support provided to small and medium-sized innovative enterprises in St. Petersburg.

The main event of “Fukuoka Day” were the keynotes of Russian and Japanese companies. Startups presented their projects to competent experts from the two countries.

The ROBBO project (robotics and an open source robotic platform for training schoolchildren and students), one of the residents of “Ingria” Business Incubator was voted winner. The project was rewarded with the opportunity to participate in WARAKU SUMMIT, which will be held on October 29–30, 2019 in Japan. It was also offered assistance in business development from the city of Fukuoka. The winning project will receive a subsidy from the government of Fukuoka, which will cover the cost of renting an office and accommodation during the year.

Among the Japanese startups, judges highlighted a project by Unixon Systems, which designs and develops original bundled products based on the design of a system for broadcasting stations.
The winner is given the opportunity to bring their booth to the second MY.TECH Technology Festival, organized by St. Petersburg Technopark on June 8, 2019. The startup also receives comprehensive business development support in St. Petersburg: workplaces, manager support and a series of consultations from the specialists of Ingria Business Incubator.

In the final part of the event, a cooperation agreement was signed between project Volts, a graduate of Ingria and the Japanese company AIBOD. In order to strengthen international cooperation, a series of business meetings was organized. Everyone could chat with the director of Fukuoka Global Startup Center, Mr. Hideo Makinose and ask him and his team members a few questions. In the course of networking, new partnership agreements were reached between Russian and Japanese companies.