July 23, 2019

“Ingria” Resident Sells the Sights of New York, Paris, St. Petersburg…

When your game is a reality: getting a land plot in front of the Russian Museum or the Eiffel Tower is now as easy as ordering a Canada Goose jacket online or a smartphone on Amazon.

27 years have passed since the publication of Snow Crash, Neal Stevenson’s iconic novel, where the main character is a simple pizza delivery driver in real life, but in cyberspace of the Metaverse he is a famous hacker and a samurai warrior. Since then, the issue of transforming an ordinary Internet user into a participant of global processes in a new reality has not lost its meaning, on the contrary, it has become well monetized and generates income.

Arcona Marketplace, a project that sells “digital lands” was launched in the autumn of 2018.

The developers are preparing for the launch of a beta version of the platform already in April.

The main idea of the startup is that any member of this network community can become the owner or a lease holder of a virtual land plot within the real geolocations of the largest metropolitan cities of the world. According to its creators, Arcona is a global ecosystem of augmented reality, where a fully-fledged communication between participants (developers, 3D-artists, businessmen, enthusiasts) and their projects is about to “erupt”. At the presentation, it was reported that over a hundred lots had been bought already during the first auction. The most popular places in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, London, and St. Petersburg sold like hot cakes. According to the community charter, it’s quite natural if, for example, the Karavaev Brothers shop, the Azbuka Vkusa retail store, the Safronov gallery or the Russian souvenir shop of Ivan Ivanov from Nizhny Novgorod appear in the neighborhood of the Colosseum, Grand Opera Theater and Okinawa Oceanarium.

To buy land, you need to register on the marketplace website and have the address in the Ethereum blockchain, an ETH wallet (popular cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin capitalization).
The internal currency of the project, ARCONA tokens, can be purchased where they are “listed”, e. g. on the IDEX cryptocurrency exchange. “One of the aspects of “digital land”as a commodity is that you do not buy it for the land itself, but rather you secure the income that it generates, the higher the income from the plot, the higher the cost of “digital land”. Users plan to post content on acquired plots that can then be monetized through traffic. The price of the auctioned land goes up from 100 ARCONA, which is approximately 3–10 USD at the current rate, the cost of the land sold outside the auction locations is 500 USD. More than 3000 people are now owners of virtual land. Auctions are special promotions to create a community of landowners, the functionality of auctions is still being finalized. But the most important thing is that cyberspace is an information environment that allows it to exist both in real and virtual space at the same time”, says Ilya Korguzalov, founder of Piligrim XXI, which created Arcona Marketplace.

Thus, noteworthy content and the right amount of tokens are all you need to tell the world about yourself and your business, easily managing project assets from anywhere.